About Me

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I am a late bloomer, studying Clinical Herbalism and pursuing a life of learning about healing. This life brings me the deepest kind of joy, knowing that I’m touching ancient wisdom and coming to understand the magic and science of all that plants have to offer.

I love food, cooking and health, living a mindful, sustainable lifestyle and understanding the intersection of these things. I enjoy the challenge of learning about eating and living in support of health and the creation of a better world.

Nourishing Words allows me to share these passions, and has evolved as I have. My greatest hope is that my actions and the information I share here might contribute to some greater good; there’s a lot that needs to be done. I believe that taking personal actions, even small ones, is an important way of creating positive change in the world.

I live, learn, write, cook, eat and garden from my zone five Alton, New Hampshire home in the woods.

Contact me at nourishingwords@gmail.com.