Good Books

The Town That Food Saved: How One Community Found Vitality in Local Food, by Ben Hewitt

Making Supper Safe: One Man’s Quest to Learn the Truth About Food Safety, by Ben Hewitt

Tomatoland: How Modern Industrial Agriculture Destroyed Our Most Alluring Fruit, by Barry Estabrook

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life, by Barbara Kingsolver

You Are What You Eat – The Plan That Will Change Your Life, by Dr. Gillian McKeith

Slow Food Nation – Why Our Food Should Be Good, Clean, and Fair, by Carlo Petrini

Healing with Whole Foods, Oriental Traditions and Modern Nutrition, by Paul Pitchford

Food, Inc. – How Industrial Food Is Making Us Sicker, Fatter and Poorer–And What You Can Do About It, edited by Karl Weber

Bringing It to the Table, by Wendell Berry

Food Matters – A Guide to Conscious Eating, by Mark Bittman

Harvest for Hope – A Guide to Mindful Eating, by Jane Goodall

In Defense of Food – An Eater’s Manifesto, By Michael Pollan

The Omnivore’s Dilemma – A Natural History of Four Meals, by Michael Pollan

Lifting the Yoke – Local Solutions to America’s Farm and Food Crisis, by Ron Krupp

Food Rules, by Michael Pollan

Everything I Want to Do Is Illegal: War Stories from the Local Food Front, by Joel Salatin

Terra Madre: Forging a New Global Network of Sustainable Food Communities, by Carlo Petrini