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Fresh Today is my syndicated newspaper column about eating and cooking with fresh, local, in-season vegetables: a little history, a bit of folklore, a smattering of nutrition and a dash of kitchen inspiration. With a soft spot of the freshest kind for under-utilized, underdog vegetables. E-mail me for information about publishing Fresh Today in your local paper. NOTE: Upon moving from the Concord area to Alton, New Hampshire and pursuing the all-consuming challenge of attending a three-year program in Clinical Herbalism in Vermont, I am no longer writing this column. There may, in fact, be tidbits here and there that I’d rewrite today therein.

Want to add some punch to your palate? Beet up your dinner plate

Have some compassion for the parsnip (Why should potatoes have all the fun?)

When it comes to sweet potatoes, how sweet is too sweet?

Turning toward turnips: fall’s underdog vegetable

Fix yourself a nice spring salad from the backyard

Eat some asparagus and feel like a fancy-pants 

Abundant, local greens can brighten up your day

Grow your own salad greens for pennies a day

Onion skins thick and tough, coming winter cold and rough’

The much-maligned brussels sprout

Squashing the dinner table blues

Using your head: why cabbage is a smart choice

Eggplant: summer’s versatile and worldly vegetable

In-season fruits and veggies mean peak flavor

Taking a closer look at lettuce

Radishes get a bad rap

Don’t be scared to put spinach on the table

Baby bok choy for supper?


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