A Super Superfood Breakfast

Superfood Breakfast Ingredients

When is good good enough? When it comes to nourishing our bodies, it makes sense to eat high-quality food—the best. Nutritionists agree that skimping on breakfast is a bad thing. When we rush out the door without breakfast, by mid-morning, we’re hungry, cranky, light-headed or worse. Developing a reliable breakfast routine is one of the basic building blocks of a healthy day. Continue reading

Superfoods, Super Healthy?

Photo of Fresh-Picked Blueberries

Does the word “superfood” sound like hype? Are superfoods yet another food fad, or a beacon of hope for fighting disease and chronic illness?

It’s long been my belief that I can positively (or negatively) affect my health by my food choices, so investigating the best way to eat in the face of any health issue is second nature. This strategy has worked well for me, with the side benefit of moving me solidly onto a plant-based, whole foods diet. The quest for the perfect, healthy diet is never-ending, of course, and must be balanced with the equally important goal of taking pleasure from eating food and sharing it with others. When I periodically abandon my own guidelines for a healthy diet, I notice a difference in my emotional and physical wellbeing. Continue reading